child with sleep apnea trying to sleep

Yes, Your Child Can Get Sleep Apnea Too

Sleep Apnea doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t matter your age, race, ethnicity, or sex. The problem is, the stereotype is a middle-aged, overweight, male. When stereotypes like this exist it makes the people who aren’t part of that stereotype think they can’t get Sleep Apnea. The harm of the stereotype You’re probably no stranger to the… Read more »

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mouthpiece oral appliance therapy

Could Oral Appliance Therapy Completely Overtake the CPAP?

Sleep Apnea and a CPAP go hand in hand. Without a doubt, it is the first thing that will pop up in someone’s mind when you mention one or the other. But that’s beginning to change. Oral Appliance Therapy is the new favorite, and it’s beginning to change the way the game is played. How… Read more »

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sleep apnea untreated tired

The Hidden Dangers of Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea is a silent killer. Most people don’t even know they have it when it could be making drastic changes in someone’s life without them even realizing it. Some of these changes could actually be impacting their livelihood. Actually, most of these changes will be hurting them is some way shape or form. The… Read more »

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can sleep apnea kill drowsy driving

Can Sleep Apnea Kill Me?

Once you’re diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea it can be scary. You’ve got to feel your way around to see what treatment works for you. Even then some people worry and ask, “Can my Sleep Apnea kill me?” Treatment could save your life Truth is, Sleep Apnea can be fatal. Not because the symptoms or… Read more »

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Shad Morris

Dr. Shad Morris Chosen as Head Dentist in NFLPA Meeting

  The National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) came to Las Vegas, NV for its annual meeting in March. Subjects such as wages and benefits will be discussed, however, the Living Heart Foundation also offered a free health screening for all former players who attend. Pro Player Health Alliance (PPHA) allied with the Project Rose… Read more »

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woman with sleep apnea

5 Reasons Why You Should Get Tested For Sleep Apnea Today

Sleep Apnea has kind of been a hot topic for the last couple years.  As research progresses we see more and more reasons why Sleep Apnea needs to be treated.  We also see more and more methods of accomplishing this.  There’s the CPAP, Positional Sleep Therapy, Surgery, and even Oral Devices all meant to help… Read more »

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A person who is in cold temperature

What Temperature is Ideal for Sleeping?

You may be regretting asking this question if you’re as cheap as me, but temperature actually has a much bigger effect on sleep than most people realize.  Most people have their room temperature hovering around a 69-72 degree range in their house.  Sleep, however, is optimal at a cool 62-67 degree range.  This actually could… Read more »

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elderly couple getting sleep

How Much Sleep do I Need?

People changing is a fact of life.  Over time you’ll see even your own sleep patterns changing as your body develops.  But if you look at the differences in sleep between each age group it can really be astounding.  Here’s a quick breakdown of a new study from the National Sleep Foundation by EurekALert. Here’s… Read more »

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woman sleeping on her side position

Positional Sleep Therapy – How Do You Sleep?

Well first off if you don’t know what the effects of sleep apnea are or if you think you might have it look at this post.  But to summarize, sleep apnea is a sleep disorder where someone will wake up many times during their sleep.  This can be up to a hundred times in the… Read more »

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Sleep Apnea Epidemic

Is the Sleep Apnea Epidemic on the Rise?

Think of someone with sleep apnea and imagine them in your head.  What do they look like?  The majority of people would think of a middle-aged, overweight, male.  There’s a reason for this stereotype.  Overweight people have more tissue in their body that can collapse their lung airways in their sleep.  If you haven’t read… Read more »

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