introducing our exclusive therapy

Our comfortable and easy oral appliance is a great alternative to the most common and standard form of treatment call the CPAP.

For those who cannot tolerate the CPAP, this appliance is the answer. It is placed in the mouth and is worn much like an orthodontic retainer or sports mouth protector. You wear it during sleep to prevent the collapse of the tongue and soft tissues in the back of the throat, This device promotes adequate air intake and helps provide normal sleep in people who snore and have Sleep Apnea.

Lets look at the facts.

There are just about 22 million Americans who suffer from Sleep Apnea, with 80% of the cases of moderate to severe obstructive Sleep Apnea that go undiagnosed. Some of you may not be sure if you are affected by this threatening medical issue. We are here to help.

45% of American’s snore.
22 million American’s suffer from Sleep Apnea.
80% of Sleep Apnea cases go undiagnosed.

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 Although we know this assessment is compliant, it is not 100% accurate. We strongly advise to come see us for a proper consultation. Determination of correct therapy can only be made by joint consultation of your sleep physician and a qualified sleep medicine dentist.