What Type of Sleeper Are You?

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Depending on the type of sleeper you are you may be able to find what can help you sleep better.  I found that being able to identify my personal sleep type has actually led to me being able to get more quality sleep in the long run.  Many times your bed height can actually make a difference with a it too.  So here’s a few types you could possibly be.

The Thinker

This type’s mind is always active.  Whether it’s about what happened that day, or what is going to happen tomorrow, you find you can never put your mind to rest.  You usually take a while to slow your mind down and go to sleep.  Maybe it’s because you’re smart, maybe your mind just doesn’t know how to shut up.  Either way it might be best to figure out a way to calm down.  The best way might be to calm down and maybe have a green tea or something relaxing before bed.

The Busy Bee

This type always have to be doing something.  It stresses you out not to be doing something.  You often find yourself thinking of all the things you still need to do and how you need more time to help complete your to do list.  The best thing to help these kind of people is maybe find something you can do in bed while you wind down.  Maybe bring a Laptop to bed and work on a report until you feel good enough to go to sleep.

The Sloth

Always sleeping.  Sloths are known to always be sleeping.  Or at least would want to be sleeping.  Sadly society calls for us all to contribute and do our part if we want to have a bed to sleep in.  These people aren’t necessarily always tired but would always rather be napping.  To them napping is their escape from the world and it just feels so nice.  What would help these people is actually making sure they don’t oversleep.  Anybody getting more than eleven hours of sleep on a regular basis without special circumstances is subject to negative consequences.  You could possibly feel more tired than you would if you would have slept less.

Now take action and get some quality sleep!

What Type of Sleeper are You?
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What Type of Sleeper are You?
Many different sleeping positions help define different people.
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