Will Teddy Help me Sleep?

young child with a stuffed animal

Some adults may think it’s childish to sleep with a stuffed animal.  Is it?  A little, but it doesn’t matter.  Teddy Bears and the like can provide a warmth and comfort that can help anybody get a little sleep.  Personally, I have a few stuffed animals and they help me.  Actually I think should probably introduce Woofie!

My Friend Woofie

Woofie is a three year old golden retriever who has been my faithful companion for years.  Every night he helps me go to sleep and when I’m stressed I get to tell him stories.  I hide him in my closet during the days so nobody can come across him and tease me, but every night I pull him out so I have my sleeping buddy.  I guess technically we have sleepovers every night.  His blonde hair and cute little nose is enough to help me go to sleep within minutes.  He helps my dreams go away.  I love him with my whole heart, and if he had one, he would love me with his.

Am I Reading an Article by a Two Year Old?

On a maturity level, it’s debatable, but I do believe he helps me go to sleep.  Perhaps part of it is because of the nostalgia I get when he’s there reminding me of my childhood.  The important part is that he gives me comfort.  That comfort is going to give me sleep.  I really would recommend a stuffed animal for anyone who has trouble going to sleep, especially young children.  And by trouble, I mean those who get nightmares and are scared.  It’s really nothing to be ashamed of.  You don’t have to have some weird collection of fifty stuffed animals but if you think even just one will help you sleep you might as well give it a try.  For some people stuffed animals can be really helpful.  Plus you could easily go to your nearest Walmart or Target and buy one for less than $10.  10/10 would recommend.

Will Teddy Help me Sleep?
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Will Teddy Help me Sleep?
Stuffed animals can be a source of comfort for many people that sleep.
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