Will Music Help Me Sleep Better?


Everyone enjoys it, but let’s boil music down to what it is… sound.  I mean, you usually try to have it quiet when you sleep so why would it help at all?  According to Michael Breus PHD, states that there is data that can help people fall asleep.

So what kind of music helps sleep?

Usually you’re looking for music that is slow and rhythmic.  Specifically we’re looking at around 60 beats per minute or at least somewhere around there.  This music can help steady your heart down to a gentler pace that you can fall asleep with.  If you just look it up on google you can find a plethora of songs that are meant to help you fall asleep.  Personally I like to listen to some cool jazz, because I enjoy that and it’s usually a bit slower.

If you don’t like songs you can even find nature sounds such as waves or a rain forest.  The exact kind that help babies fall asleep.  There’s no reason to think you’d ever outgrow these methods.

Can I just play my own songs?

Sure you don’t need to find some playlist off the net to have it be an effective sleep aid.  However, you probably should take a careful look at what you listen to.  Obviously certain genres like rap aren’t going to be as conducive to sleep as something like classical music.  Often times instrumentals can help more than vocals.

Types of Music to Avoid

Anything fast paced or “angry” sounding is going to be out of the question.  The most common mistake is listening to music that stimulates you in any way.  Whether that be a happy memory or your break up song, you want calming music that slows your mind down.  You also want to maybe look for repetitive lines and rhythms.  The same kind of sounds over and over can be a sort of lullaby to the mind at night.

Will music help me sleep better.
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Will music help me sleep better.
Music helps people sleep better.
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