Water Beds

bed sitting on an island

I’m sure you’ve heard of them right?  They’re sort of gimmicky and cool but can they actually be good for you?  I’ve heard from friends and family that they’re TERRIBLE for your back.  When I went out and research I found multiple sources that said water beds are actually good for your back, depending on the relative firmness.

Won’t they pop?

As a kid I always worried that my water bed could pop.  Rest soundly knowing that water beds are actually frustratingly difficult to pop.  Maybe not frustrating considering that’s the opposite of what you want to do… but you get the gist.

So tell me some of the benefits

Controllable Temperature

Waterbed enthusiasts will go on and on about the fact you can control the temperature of your bed, and for good reason.  If you remember last week’s post about the socks in bed, those were beneficial for the exact reason that they increase your balance of temperature during the night.  The waterbed can do the exact same thing and actually promote healing for sore spots on your back and body.  Not to mention the tension it will relieve in those muscles.

Soothing Sensations

Those gentle waves from the ebb and flow of the water can be very soothing for some people.  Almost like a melody of water moving across your body.  However, if you don’t like the waves, there are actually waterbeds out there with up to 95% motion reduction.

Pressure Points

The BIGGEST selling point of a waterbed that enthusiasts use, is the lack of pressure points.  Regular bed with their static frames tend to put all the pressure on certain parts of your body.  Over time tension can build up leading to pain and possibly worse conditions depending on how sensitive your body is.  It can just do terrible damage to your back.  Makes you wonder if those old folk always complaining about their back still would be if they had a water bed.  I doubt it, a water bed forms to your body allowing for a spread of tension across your whole core, legs, and arms.  This is especially beneficial for those of you with joint pain out there.