When’s the last time you’ve had glass of warm milk?

Warm Milk

I feel like a glass of warm milk is just one of those things you hear about all the time, but you’re not sure who actually does it.  Well a couple of years ago I started trying it and it really worked out well for me.  At first I just didn’t care, but then I just got this insatiable curiosity on how it works.

YES it does help

I will swear by it.  Some people explain it with the chemical tryptophan (the one that’s in turkey) which induces sleep.  However, milk has minimal amounts of tryptophan in it, and warm milk doesn’t “bring it out” or anything magical.  It’s more likely that it is just a placebo effect, and that’s very plausible.  The placebo effect is very powerful and easily could explain why warm milk makes people sleepy.  Simply put, if you think you’re going to sleep better, you’re going to sleep better.  You won’t have that continual cycle of keeping yourself up because you can’t sleep that we all do sometimes.  Additionally, it can be part of your before sleep checklist.  Plus, as we all know, warm milk is delicious!

Warming it up

Am I really educating you on how to heat up milk?  Well… yes.  Only because I have burnt my fair share of milk.  If you stick it into the microwave then things don’t necessarily turn out right.  What will happen is that a thin film of protein will gather on the top which, while may not ruin the taste, looks really gross.  Also the milk could turn out burnt too if you haven’t stirred it, which brings me to my next point.  To do it correctly just pull it out of the microwave every fifteen seconds and stir, not even hard.  So long as you do this the heat will dissipate and you’ll have some nice warm milk.