Q&A – Living with Sleep Apnea

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Since about five years ago when my Dad found out he had Sleep Apnea, he’s been trying to find solutions.  For as long as I can remember he’s had trouble sleeping.  It was always “ahh Dad’s trying to sleep again”.  On the bright side this gave us a lot of bonding time together to play computer games.  I thought his experiences with Obstructive Sleep Apnea would help some of you guys out there with your own struggles.


How did you first realize you had Sleep Apnea?

I couldn’t sleep at all.  No matter what I would do it just really sucked and I couldn’t fall asleep at night for hours.  Eventually I went in for an overnight sleep test and they were able to diagnose me with Obstructive Sleep Apnea


What treatment did your professionals recommend?

They ordered a CPAP mask for me.  I like to call it my “Darth Vader Mask”.


How has the CPAP worked for you?

Honestly?  It’s really uncomfortable and it often falls over during the night.  Whenever I try to use it and it actually stays on it works, but it’s hard to get that to happen.


Have ever heard of or considered oral therapy?

You mean surgery? I proceed to explain the differences between oral therapy and surgery.  Oh no but huh, I’d consider that.  As long as it doesn’t stick out of my mouth or feel weird when I’m swallowing or something.


What was with such a strong reaction to surgery?

I don’t know I guess something so invasive and dangerous is just scary I guess.


Have you ever considered losing weight to help with it?
Are you calling me fat? Errhmmm… no?


After that last bit of him trying to make me feel bad for insinuating he was overweight, we came to the conclusion that he should consider oral therapy.  For those of you who are considering getting a CPAP, consider asking your doctor about oral therapy instead.