Put Thought Into Your Blanket

dog under a blanket

There are all types of blankets out there.  Wool, cashmere, cotton, silk, even sleeved blankets (snuggies) to help you sleep.  It’s important to choose the right blanket so you don’t over or under heat in the middle of night, therefore disrupting your sleep cycle.


The best temperature for your body to be at while sleeping is 60 to 67 degrees fahrenheit if you want quality snoozes.  When picking out a blanket you’ll want one that can keep you wherever in that range you feel most comfortable.  Personally I prefer wool blankets, I think they keep me warm without grabbing onto all my prickly hairs like a silk blanket would.  Since I cling to the higher side of that spectrum wool works for me.

Another thing you may want to look into with temperature is moisture-wicking.  One downside of wool is that, although it’s breathable, it actually promotes overheating because of the insulation.  For someone people who sweat a lot in their sleep they may want to look into moisture-wicking blankets.  Moisture-wicking cloth pulls moisture off the skin so that one can cool down quicker.  Very common in construction or exercise gear.  Honestly it can just feel gross to sweat in your sleep. So if you want help with that you should look into moisture-wicked clothing.


Like I said I don’t like that too many textures so I’m limited to cotton and wool.  Quite a bit of people prefer silk blankets though.  More power to you if it doesn’t bother your skin, silk is a natural thermoregulator and is one of the better textures for blankets.


There have been reports that have shown that weighted blankets are actually a lot easier to sleep with than regular ones.  Just like John Locke in Lost told us, people don’t always like to have freedom.  To apply that to this, the feeling of restriction the weighted blanket can give you actually promotes comfort and sleep.  Imagine those vests you have to wear for an X-ray.  That extra weight, although technically a burden, feels great to carry right?  Imagine sleeping with that.  That’s why weighted blankets are a growing industry.