Night Owls Don’t Exist

night owl on a computer

How many people have you heard call themselves night owls?  Now how many early birds/morning larks have you heard of?  Now take those answers and divide them by age groups.  I’m fairly young and I don’t know a single person my age who refers to themself as an earlybird.  Not only that, but an excuse to stay up later isn’t something your average kid is going to turn down.

TV and Phones just make you less tired

Cell phones, phablets, TV, or computers all can hurt our sleep because they all give off blue light.  This tricks your mind into thinking it’s still light outside.  The light is important because biologically, that’s how our mind decides when to sleep and when to be awake.  Now consider that if you’re not feeling tired repeatedly over and over every night then wouldn’t it be easier to start considering yourself a night owl?

There are health benefits for getting up early

Did you know most successful people tend to wake up early?  There are loads of benefits to getting up early that you might not even had thought of.

  • You’ll get a headstart on the day.
  • The pores on your skin will clear up making your skin look better.
  • You’ll have more energy.
  • You’ll be happier.
  • Studies have linked positive traits to early risers.
  • It’ll be easier to be productive.

Night owls often won’t see these benefits as much because of that natural fight against your biology.  In this day and age it’s just too easy to be a night owl.

Night owls aren’t real

Several factors like the blue light I mentioned earlier, misconceptions and false information, and people eating before bed can lead to something thinking they’re a night owl.  There are actual “night owls” in the world, but they’re few and rare.  These are people with a genetic mutation that either shifts their circadian rhythm (body clock) or makes them need less sleep.  The majority of night owls are just people looking for an excuse to stay up later.  If you’re one of these people (like I used to be) fight the urge and make sure you get that sleep that you need, and make sure it’s at the right time!

Night Owls Don't Exist
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Night Owls Don't Exist
Although many people don't believe they need that full 8 hours, they do.
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