I NEED to Stay Awake, How Can I?

I NEED to Stay Awake

Being a gamer, I understand the need to be able to stay up for just another hour.  Now don’t get me wrong, getting enough sleep is absolutely crucial for being a functional adult.  But sometimes you may really need to get away from that extra hour of sleep.  So I’m here to give you a few ideas on how you can stay awake.

  • Stick your head in a bucket of ice water
  • Run a lap around your house
  • Hold your breath for a minute in a row or get as close as you can
  • Play truth or dare with your family
  • Do thirty push-ups with a couple books on your back
  • Drink a mountain dew (be careful)
  • Brushing your teeth (hygienic and refreshing!)
  • Jumping Jacks 15x
  • Wash your face
  • Drink a Redbull (be even carefuller)

Why you might want to stay awake?

Because some people consider sleeping as “wasting their day”, after all, you don’t accomplish much while sleeping.  Well it’s important to consider that you live life as you want to live it.  Although it probably would be good to get all the sleep you can, your friends might think of you as a very boring person if you do.  Sometimes, maybe once or twice a year, pulling an all nighter can just be really fun.  If it were me.  I find that for me, drinking a mountain dew really helps me when I need it.  If that doesn’t work I basically hold my breath for so long that I’m about to suffocate.  The reaction my body gives to almost dying is enough to wake me up for another thirty minutes to an hour.  Lesson I’m trying to give you is, life is short, live it.  It won’t kill you to stay up for a night but make sure it’s not a habit or you’ll be regretting it in the long run.

I NEED to stay awake, how can I
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I NEED to stay awake, how can I
Staying awake can be bad so if you do it then make sure you're doing it right.
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