Does Weight Affect Sleep Apnea?

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Many people associate Obstructive Sleep Apnea with overweight people, however, it’s not a tell-tale sign.  It is definitely something that could lead to sleep apnea and in general isn’t healthy.  But just because someone is obese or fat doesn’t mean that they have sleep apnea.  If you look at last week’s post you should look at other indicators as well as obesity to see if you could have it.

Why Obesity Affects Sleep

When you pack on a few pounds you gain extra tissue at the back of the throat that could lead to blockage of the airways.  So if you were already having problems sleeping then this definitely isn’t going to help you get more sleep anytime soon.

Will Losing it make it go away?

If you developed sleep apnea from the extra pounds that you gained then it’s possible that losing that same weight could be the easiest and most satisfying solution to your obstructive sleep apnea.  Even if you don’t lose all of the excess weight just 10% could lead to many health benefits and happiness.

What to do now

If you aren’t diagnosed then go through a sleep apnea checklist to see if you could have it, overweight or not.  Either way try and lose some weight.  Like I said earlier.  Just 10% could lead to reduced risk of heart disease, more energy, and a more wholesome satisfaction of life.  There are many ways of doing this.  You should probably try and find a sport you like.  Getting exercise is always a help.  Or even just making slight adjustments to your diet, such as only drinking soda every other day instead of every day.  Avoiding your sodas is probably the best way to reduce calories for those that do drink tons of caffeine.  Any way you can find to reduce calories to a healthier amount is a good way.

Does Weight Affect Sleep Apnea
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Does Weight Affect Sleep Apnea
Being overweight can lead to Sleep Apnea because of the extra tissue in the throat.
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