How and Why to Lose Weight for Sleep Apnea

fat man measuring himself

I mean, of course losing weight is good for you.  There’s practically no drawbacks other than maybe not being able to be a mall santa come Christmas time.  Did you know that losing weight could completely alleviate your sleep apnea symptoms?  Due to the increased rates of Obesity, Sleep Apnea is being diagnosed at a faster rate than ever before.  Losing weight usually helps sleep apnea for people with mild to medium cases, but no matter how bad your OSA is, it will always help your symptoms.  There’s a reason the stereotype for obstructive sleep apnea is overweight middle-aged men, the extra tissue from their fat blocks the airways during the night.  So when they lose some weight sometimes it can reduce those obstructions.  Plus, who doesn’t want to look good in a swimming suit?

But that requires movement…

Yes (sadly), it does, but if you want to help your symptoms then this is the best way to do it.  Not to mention you’ll have an easier time getting around, better cardiovascular health, longer life expectancy, and an overall better quality of life.  There are actually quite a bit of benefits to weight loss you wouldn’t expect.  However yes, it does require movement.

You’ve just gotta push

I mean, most people don’t really LOVE exercise, but you’ve just got to keep pushing.  Many people find that using a rewards system works great for them.  Promising themselves a fancy dinner or even a night out shopping is a great incentive to put on those running shoes every once in a while.

Good methods of losing weight


Whatever you do don’t start running.  Running is terrible for your knees if you’re overweight.  Since you’re pushing down on one leg at a time all of your weight plus more is braced by your knee, absolutely killing it.  If you’d like to run you could work your way up from  walking which is a lot better on your knees.


Other than being relaxing, swimming is great for your heart and let’s be honest, every swimmer (that I’ve seen at least) has a great body.  Plus it’s very easy to increment your distance since you can always just swim one more lap.  There’s a reason US Olympic swimmers go and celebrate with Big Macs.  Swimming works every muscle in the body very intensely.

Avoiding soft drinks

A can of coke has about 150 calories with other brands having similar calorie counts.  Remember, drinking diet soda doesn’t necessarily solve the problem.  That’s a lot of calories and sugar you’re getting that, if substituted with water, would have never entered your system.  Even if you just drink a single can a day, you’re still shaving off around a 150 calories.  Let’s not even go into the caffeine content of these drinks.  Staying up night after night is just terrible for your sleep.

Cross Country Skiing

Actually most winter sports use quite a bit of calories since the body is trying to keep warm at the same time.  But compared to most winter sports, cross country skiing takes it above and beyond that.  Seriously, if you wanted to lose the most amount of calories you could in one hour, cross country skiing would probably be the best way to do that.  Plus, it’s another excuse to get out of the summer heat and go to the mountains.

Cutting out fast food

Even using McDonald’s own nutritional calculator you can see how unhealthy it is.  If you ordered a Big Mac, a medium fry, and a medium coke, you would be eating just around 1050 Calories.  Not to mention, that’s over 68% of your daily fat intake in one meal.  Just by going somewhere healthier or making your own food, it’s easy to cut out unnecessary calories and get your diet back on track to where it belongs.