Just Got Hitched, Now How do I Sleep?

Sleep Marriage

Sleeping with a partner can be more difficult than it appears.  You have a couple factors to consider.  First, you two may have different sleep habits.  If you’re a night owl, you’re gonna have a hard time being compatible with an early bird.  Back sensitivity could also be another issue.  You may prefer a soft mattress while your partner likes a firm mattress.  Obviously you can see how there could be well… a little tension in the bedroom.

Sleep Habits

I mentioned the night owl/early bird problem but I really think this could be crucial to getting to bed well with your partner.  It’s not really fair to either of you to have to go to sleep when the other needs it.  I’ve seen that if you both have a specific time where you talk for a second and then the night owl stays up until whenever he/she needs to is what can work best in relationships.  This way you can still bond but one isn’t necessarily restricted to sleeping whenever their partner wants to.

Mattress Firmness

If you haven’t seen our article on picking out the right mattress for you, then that may be a good start.  After you do find your mattress type you may find that you and your partner really differ in tastes.  You may want to look into mattresses that can switch firmness on each side or perhaps motion isolation.  Motion Isolation is where the mattress helps limit movement from your partner that could potentially ruin your sleep patterns too.

Is it even worth it?

Yes definitely.  That sense of security that you can only get from someone else has been proven to actually help you sleep.  It is definitely worth it to prioritize being with your partner and trying to make that work.  That sense of bonding you have will ALWAYS help strengthen your relationship.