I got a Cold and I NEED to Sleep

picture of sick man

You may have had those MISERABLE nights where you have a stuffy nose and you’re breathing through your mouth for the entire night.  Rest easy knowing there’s a couple things you can do to help get through it and make it a bit less unbearable.

Nasal Strips

They’re very easy to apply.  Many people like theme because you can buy a whole bunch of them at once and then keep them for whenever you like them.  I’d recommend these if you have bad allergies or get colds fairly often.  However, I found when I used one that it feels like it constricted my nose.  I know it didn’t and it did help, but for people like me who don’t like things touching their noses then this probably shouldn’t be their first choice.


A humidifier releases moisture into the air around your room throughout the night to help breathing. It actually is designed for allergies but many people use it for colds too.  A humidifier is pretty low cost and usually just cost around twenty to fifty dollars.  You need to choose between a warm mist and a cool mist humidifier.  It’s really up to preference but both are beneficial.  If you’re going to need help with a cold I would choose a warm mist for this, but it really is preference.  When I was asking one of my friends with allergy problems about this she said that she always keeps it on when she sleeps whether or not her allergies are flaring up or not.  If she had a cold sometimes she would just lay in bed in the mornings with the humidifier running because of how much it helped.

Chest Rub

Low cost and aren’t long term solutions for people with chronic issues but for a one time cold this is a great solution.  It feels really minty and opens up your sinuses to allow for better breathing.  A lot of people really like these on a regular basis just because of how fresh you feel when using them.  You can even get different feels such as eucalyptus or peppermint.  It really is up to you to see which one you like.