How to Sleep on an Plane

baby in pilot hat

Sleeping on trips is a great way to make it pass.  Almost every time I take a roadtrip I stay up playing video games the night before so I can sleep for a couple hours instead of sitting there on my phone.  However, planes are a little different, they’re super uncomfortable to sleep in.  Plus, you always have the chance that you have someone sitting next to you.   There are a couple things you should do before and during the flight to get a couple z’s.

Reserve a window seat

This should be an obvious choice.  Other than the fact that you can have a great view, you can also place you pillow against the plane.  This way your body has a natural place to lean to instead of you waking up having annoying your fellow passengers.  Bonus: you can know that you’ve done something good for the day.

Bring a pillow/blanket

You wouldn’t sleep on a mattress without a pillow and blanket right?  So don’t do that in a plane.  If you really want to sleep that bad make sure you pack them.  Unless you’re doing this all the time, then you might be talented enough just to fall asleep without some “comfort items”.  You might also want to bring some headphones to drown out the noise of everybody talking.  Lord knows I can’t sleep with that much noise.

Dim the lights

Your body naturally makes you tired while it’s darker, so if you buy something like a sleep mask, you’ll have an easier time snoozing.  This can help on or off of a plane, but unfortunately, it’s not always nighttime during a flight.  Now if only airplanes sold tickets on whether or not you want to talk.


If you can think of any other tips for sleeping then you should share on our facebook!    Sleeping on a plane can be really difficult for some people and every tip can help.