How to get some Z’s with a Cold

woman with a cold

If you haven’t had a cold then you probably aren’t human, but the question is how do we sleep with them.  Sometimes the mucus and grime just makes the bliss of sleep unreachable.  Most people just tough it out and eventually nod off after maybe an hour or two.  Is that worth it though?

Some little helpers

Obviously you can’t do it on your own, and you weren’t expected some weird yoga pose to do it all right?  I’ve found a couple things that can do the trick.


The symptoms of a cold/flu can really dry out your airways.  If you buy a humidifier (I promise I don’t work on commision) it can really help relieve your nose and you’ll be more comfortable.  The great thing about this purchase is that humidifiers might be helpful for you in sickness AND in health.  Dry mucus membranes are uncomfortable and bad for you.  Read up on it for yourself and see if you can prevent them from becoming raw.

Cold Medicines

Little obvious right?  If they’re specifically targeted towards colds it’s gonna help.  Since colds and flus are a viral infection they’re the medicine can’t treat the root, rather it’s going to help relieve your symptoms while your body fights it the best it can.  There are decongestants and antihistamines.  Talk with your doctor on which one would be the best for you.  As always be wary if you have high blood pressure.


Probably the most delicious (considering your cooking ability) remedy I can think of.  The steam will rise into your nose and moisten it while similarly decongesting your sinuses.  I’d imagine it has similar effects to taking a shower with a cold.  The warmth of the soup just has healing properties that you may want to test out for yourself.