What an Extra Hour of Two of Sleep can do

girl getting sleep

Keeps you aware

Sure websites like lumosity aren’t necessarily going to help your focus, but sleeping can.  Sleep has been proven to make you more sharp in school.  That’s why it’s especially important to get  some snoozes before a test.  It’s best to get good sleep every night, not just before important tests and such.  Sleep can increase problem solving capabilities in everyday situations.

Prevents headaches

If any of you guys have had headaches you’ll realize it’s not always easy getting the sleep you want.  Even harder if you tend to get migraines which are one of the most painful things people can have.  Most people just crawl into bed, shut the door, shut off the lights, and pray to sleep.  Well those people may have the right idea.  Studies actually suggest that sleeping for less than six hours a night has shown to lead to an increase in headaches and migraines.  Make sure you get some z’s to prevent those headaches.

Bolsters your immune system

While you’re sleeping, your body releases proteins called cytokines which protect your body from diseases and promote sleep.  If you don’t get z’s, your body isn’t going to be able to release these proteins and you’ll stand to be much more likely of catching some sickness.  If you’re not getting enough sleep then maybe you should evaluate your health.

Maintains your weight at a healthy level

If you don’t believe that then look at this article by Cynthia Ramnarace.  Sleeping helps curb your hunger during the day so it will actually help you reduce your intake of calories overall.  You’re gonna lose a couple pounds here and there, not all of it at once. But beware, sleeping more than the recommended amount isn’t equivalent to being on a diet.  After your recommended amount you’re just preventing your body from being productive and expending the energy you have.