Have you ever heard of Lucid Dreaming?

Lucid Dreaming

Well?  If you haven’t then here’s a quick explanation, complete and total control of your dreams.  I’m sure you’re all thinking of some weird dream in your head, or maybe even a good dream that took a bad turn.  If you were able to lucid dream you could make a good dream better or a weird dream weirder on command.  About roughly half of people have had a lucid dream once in their life.  Is that something you want to be able to check off of your bucket list?

How to go about lucid dreaming

Try using reality checks.  What this does is it gives you a habit of checking of whether or not you’re dreaming.  Obviously you’d start doing this while you’re awake and then eventually it would work its way over to your dreams.  Here’s a list of common reality checks.

  • Checking the time.  Specifically check the same time twice and see if it changes.
  • Look at your hands.  Are they blurry?  Do you have the right amount of fingers?
  • Look in a mirror.  Do you look the same as in the real world?
  • Hold your breath.  Many people find that even if their mouth is shut tight and nose plugged they can still breath in dreams.
  • If you have a magical superpower then you obviously are in a dream but might as well check.

If you can think of something else that works for you then you can try it, but remember to use more than one check and do it multiple times a day.  Studies say that people who do reality checks are immensely more likely to lucid dream.  You’ll never know if this is what will allow you to live out your dreams unless you try.

Ideas to try out in your dreams

Just a few in case you’re able to succeed.

  • Live a day as superman.
  • Become a real life rollercoaster tycoon.
  • Turn into an animal.
  • Rule the land as a kind/queen.
  • Meet someone famous or even a lost loved one.
  • Become famous yourself in whatever your favorite hobby is.