Common Effects of Sleep Apnea

Common Effects of Sleep Apnea

While I’m sure most people realize how important sleeping is, some may not realize it is not entirely their fault they sleep so poorly. Many conditions may prevent one from getting the sleep they need as easily as they’d like. Sleep Apnea is a huge offender, thousands of people go around undiagnosed with sleep apnea and it can severely affect their professional life. Some people just don’t think it’s a big enough deal to warrant going to a doctor or another professional to diagnose their problems. But first, it’s important to understand what exactly we’re going up against.

Sleep Apnea

What is it?  It is a condition where one may wake up during the night multiple times due to an obstruction in their breathing.  It can cause irregular heartbeats and prevent one from becoming rested.  It can lead loop of sleepiness and depression that can ruin a life at its worst.  Those “microwakes” that happen during the night don’t just happen one or two times, they usually happen around thirty to fifty times during a night but severe individuals can wake up over one hundred times in a night.  However, it can be treated with the use of breathing devices or a CPAP or even a mouth guard.  It can be a very stressful condition for professionals who need to be rested whether it be for a presentation or a meeting.  Sleep apnea needs to be treated and isn’t something to mess around with.

The Two Most Common Treatments


CPAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure and that’s exactly what it does.  While you’re sleeping your airways will close, but the CPAP forces positive airpressure in there so they can’t close while you sleep.There’s tons of different types of CPAPs for everybody.  They can be lightweight or heavy duty, they can cover your whole face or just part, and they be customized in dozens of other ways so it fits you just right.  Because, after all, the CPAP is only effective if it can completely seal itself.

Oral Appliance

You can go to your local sleep doctor and get one fitted for you, but it’s easy to see how they work.  They don’t always work in severe cases but for milder cases they are usually seen as the best treatment.  Once a patient gets one fitted they’re more likely to use a mouthpiece regularly than a CPAP.  Some people find they’re a lot easier to keep on and use than a CPAP.

Famous People with Sleep Apnea

  • Shaquille O’Neal: he has done dozens interviews on how fixing his condition really helped his life out and gave him the help he needed.
  • William Shatner: he is a very famous from Star Trek.  He uses a Mirage FX mask system.
  • Rosie O’Donnell: a very outspoken LGBT rights activist.  She also was on live television when she was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea.
  • Rick Perry: 47th governor of Texas.  He was diagnosed with sleep apnea while on the campaign trail for becoming the President of the United States.  Many people believe if he would have gotten his sleep apnea treated earlier, his campaign might not have been the disaster it had been.
  • Larry the Cable Guy: famous comedian.  Voices Mater in Cars (2007).  He has spoken in a few interviewed where he’s gone into the details of how sleep apnea needs to be controlled.  He spoke very briefly about how it made his professional life very difficult.
  • William Howard Taft: most people know him as the fattest president the US has had.  Well it’s not surprising to see that he has, being overweight can exacerbate the problems of sleep apnea.
  • Jerry Garcia: Lead guitarist and vocalist for the Grateful Dead.  Sadly he died years ago from heart issues.  His doctors did say that his sleep apnea made his problems worse and he could have possibly lived for longer if he had gotten it treated.

If you see that you have a lot of the symptoms that are usual with someone with Sleep Apnea then you should take this short quiz to see if you should come and get tested!

Common Effects of Sleep Apnea
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Common Effects of Sleep Apnea
Common Effects of Sleep Apnea
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