Don’t Break Your Back! Preventing Back Pain

man suffering back pain

Do you have a bad back?  So do 65 million other Americans.  There’s some obvious things that come to mind when you think of back pain… stepping on cracks, not lifting with your legs, and slouching in your chair.  Did you know that a lot of back damage can occur in your sleep?  Many times a bad sleeping position or your mattress can put totally unnecessary stress on your back while you sleep which can lead to back pain.

Don’t sleep on your stomach!

Sleeping on your stomach can put unnecessary stress on your lower back and shoulders.  If you are prone to back pain then you should consider switching to sleeping on your side or stomach.  Remember, sleeping on your back can make symptoms of sleep apnea worsen over time.  If you are at risk or currently have sleep apnea then you should try to find an alternative.  Sleeping on your side would be ideal for almost anybody.  It’s the best of both worlds, no back pain, no sleep apnea.

Consider switching your mattress

Many times an overly firm or soft mattress can cause back pain.  Funnily enough it’s usually the soft mattresses that cause back pain.  Support is essential in a mattress, but just like Goldilocks, you need the “just right” amount.  If you read our last post on waterbeds, you can see that they’re a good alternative to regular mattresses.  Waterbeds can form to your back without allowing for pressure points like regular mattresses.  However, they are expensive, so if you need a cheaper alternative just go to your local mattress store.  Chances are, you don’t need an “alternative”, just a replacement at the correct firmness for you.

With so many people dealing with back pain, it’s important to take reasonable precautions to protect it.  Try to consciously realize how much you’re setting yourself back if you allow yourself to develop back problems.  Always remember to talk to your doctors if you start to notice any issues.

Don't break your back! preventing back pain.
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Don't break your back! preventing back pain.
Many different mattresses can cause back pain. Change your sleep habits to prevent this.
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