Does Bed Height Matter?

bed height

Short answer… yes.  Bed height is often overlooked when buying a bed.  Especially when sleeping with a partner.  I’m not going to claim that it’s a huge deal and will wreck your sleep if you get an ill suited bed height.  However, it could just improve your rest just that much more.

What Height is Right?

A neat trick is that you should be able to put your feet flat on the floor while sitting on your bed.  People do vary though, most beds are from 18 inches to 36 inches off the floor.  A more traditional or, “luxurious”, bed is likely to be higher off the ground towards the 36 inch side of the spectrum.  On the other hand, contemporary and cheaper beds, are more likely to be a bit smaller.  Actually in Japan and other oriental countries they usually have their beds nearly on the ground itself.  Your bed should be low enough you don’t have to strain yourself in the mornings but high enough you don’t have to jump into it at night.


Another major feature people care about for their room is the aesthetics and how everything goes together.  Usually, and this is a blanket statement, higher beds look nicer.  If you look in the link in the last segment it shows some really nice looking low height designs.  They have the potential to be played off really nicely.  Most people tend to lean towards taller beds because it’s much easier to go with the flow of the design of the room

And for my Grandma?

Last reason people tend to go with higher beds is because of the elderly.  A low bed can be hard for them in the morning when they’re trying to get up and a likewise at night with a tall bed.  If you thought jumping into bed was fun they you should try doing it with worn down joints and shrunken muscles.

Does Bed Height Matter?
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Does Bed Height Matter?
Bed height matters when it comes to quality sleep.
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