Can Sleep Apnea Go Away?

snoring man with sleep apnea

Anybody who was just diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) or think they might have it is probably asking the big question.  Can sleep apnea go away? First off if you don’t know what it is you should look here to see what the symptoms are and what it is.  Now back to the question. Yes, sleep apnea can go away … well kind of.

Kind of?

Sleep Apnea isn’t something that can go away completely – unless you take the surgery route – but it can be reduced to a level where it doesn’t cause any more problems.  We call this objectively curing a patient. It’s just as good as actually curing, but it’s just important to note there can always be small episodes throughout nights even after treatment.  These episodes usually number less than five so it really isn’t big deal. But now you’re probably wondering how to get it cured.

Well how do I do that?

It really mostly depends on the causes of your Sleep Apnea.  There are so many different causes  – including multiple variants of Sleep Apnea itself – meaning that there are many different things a person needs to take into consideration when wanting treatment.


If you have it because you like to drink before bed, then obviously you should stop drinking before you sleep.  Alcohol can often relax the tissue in the airway which can lead to them collapsing throughout the night.  Each time the airway collapses the person afflicted will usually have one of the episodes of waking up that characterize Sleep Apnea.

Excess weight

There’s a reason the stereotype for patients with Sleep Apnea is overweight, middle-aged men, excess flab can give someone the condition.  The excess tissue that the body creates doesn’t just happen in the stomach, in fact, the body will gain extra tissue in the neck too. This extra tissue means it’s easier for the airway to collapse and wake the patient up during the night.

Body type

For unknown reasons or even just unusual reasons, some people just have Obstructive Sleep Apnea.  Usually, if a child has it, then this is why. These could just be people with unusually large tonsils.  Talking with a specialist can usually help and potentially even cure the condition as seen with the case of the tonsils.

Living healthy

It actually is one of the most effective treatments for sleep apnea.  Many people will develop it when they gain weight because the extra weight will block their upper airway.  What this means is that when you lose the extra weight the blockage in your airways will also disappear. Besides the fact it’ll help with sleep apnea, losing weight is just good for your health in general.

Just eating one less piece of dessert a day or going out for walks can make a big difference.  Beside helping Sleep Apnea, people often sleep better while getting regular exercise.

Other ways to deal with Sleep Apnea

I know I get it, some of us just really hate exercising.  Luckily, for the lazier people of the world or people with more severe cases of OSA, there are a couple other way to deal with sleep apnea permanently.

  • Positional Sleep Therapy
  • Surgery
  • Oral Appliance Therapy
  • CPAP

However the best way to work with sleep apnea is probably a CPAP, but those results aren’t always permanent.  My Dad wears one and calls it his “Darth Vader Mask” because of the sound it makes.

Make sure to always get diagnosed by a doctor before starting treatment.  Different treatments may be more effective depending on each specific case.

Can Sleep Apnea go away?
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Can Sleep Apnea go away?
Sleep Apnea can be treated but can never be fully cured.
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