Can Drowsiness Kill You?

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Seems pretty dramatic right?  Is your livelihood at stake?  No.  However, sleeping does increase the chances of you dying.  That’s why it’s always important to get your 7-9 recommended hours of sleep per night.

So what effects does drowsiness have on me?

I’ll stop wasting your time.  Some of these effects can just be a nuisance, but others can have a real effect on your day to day life.

Loss of Sex Drive

If you’re married this could just put another stressor on your relationship.  Especially if your libido was low already.  Always make sure you talk with your partner so they know that it’s just because you’re not getting enough sleep lately.  Then you need to actually get to bed on time so your body and get on its usual schedule.

Bad Skin

Your body naturally releases the chemical cortisol when you’re stressed.  Research that lack of sleep can also lead to an increase in it.  Across our high stress society and a society that avoids sleep, that’s a lot of cortisol flowing around our body.  Unfortunately, cortisol is also known to make your body wrinkly by breaking down collagen, the protein that keeps skin smooth.

Lack of Memory and Alertness

This is going to have a DIRECT effect on your productivity either in school or at work.  This one should be readily apparent.  I know for me at least, I act completely stupid when I don’t have my sleep.  If you have a project or test coming up it’s especially important to get your schedule on track days ahead.

Your Sleep Needs are not like a math equation

Often people will think, “I lost two hours of sleep yesterday so I’ll just sleep two more hours today!”.  Everyone is guilty of it.  However, it doesn’t work like that.  Your body needs consistent sleep to reset itself into working condition.

Sometimes it can be hard to get that sleep, but trust me, it’s worth it.

Can drowsiness kill you?
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Can drowsiness kill you?
Being tired could lead to things that could lead to a person's death.
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