newborn and dog

How to Get a Little Sleep with a Newborn

If you have had or currently have a newborn you probably know what it’s like to not get a lot of sleep.  It’s a harsh reality all parents have to deal with.  It’s hard, but newborns need their sleep.  Just remember parents need sleep too!  The average new parent loses 44 days of sleep in… Read more »

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Take Your Time Buying that new Mattress

You may have not really thought much on how big of a deal your mattress can be.  It can be a huge factor in how good of sleep you’re getting.  To think that you buy it once and then use it for years on end, and some people don’t care to pick the right one… Read more »

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soda with caffeine

Is Caffeine Actually THAT Bad for You?

Caffeine is one of the leading causes to why adolescents have a horrible track record of sleep.  It only takes 45 minutes to get into one’s system.  After it gets in it takes almost six more hours for half the caffeine to be eliminated from your system.  Many drinks contain caffeine.  This can range from… Read more »

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If you Snooze you Lose… Really!

Pressing the snooze button is a pretty standard practice by most nowadays.  It just feels soooo nice to get those couple of extra minutes in before you have to go start your day.  In fact over 30% of Americans have said they press the snooze button two or more times every morning.  That’s scary to… Read more »

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alarm clock

What Alarm Sounds are Best to Wake Up To

Waking up to that loud buzzing sound every day isn’t really the most welcoming feeling.  Sadly many Americans have blaring sirens or other loud noises as their alarm sound.  In fact, Apple’s default alarm is very loud and could probably bring the dead back to life considering how loud it is.  Many sleep specialists lately… Read more »

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How Putting Your Phone Down

How Putting Your Phone Down Can Help You

If you are like the rest of us in the 21st century, then you may need to put your phone down for little while.  Studies have shown that over 80% of Americans look at their phone within an hour of going to sleep.  This eats into a lot of sleep time you could be getting… Read more »

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Common Effects of Sleep Apnea

Common Effects of Sleep Apnea

While I’m sure most people realize how important sleeping is, some may not realize it is not entirely their fault they sleep so poorly. Many conditions may prevent one from getting the sleep they need as easily as they’d like. Sleep Apnea is a huge offender, thousands of people go around undiagnosed with sleep apnea… Read more »

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Sleeping Positions Affect Health

Different Sleeping Positions Affect Health

Have you ever thought that how you sleep could really take a toll or benefit your life?  Well different sleeping positions can really benefit you depending on your situation and what you feel comfortable with.  Some can make you snore more, others can help really straighten your spine.  Almost everyone has found that mattresses actually… Read more »

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Getting Enough Sleep

What Getting Enough Sleep Can Do For You

Getting enough sleep is important to any functioning adults life.  Most adults tend to get less than the recommended amount of sleep they should be getting per day.  This is definitely not good and can lead to some problems if it’s not addressed.  Studies have been shown that getting only six hours of sleep in… Read more »

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