guy watching Netlflix with blue light

Can Netflix Help Me Sleep?

Does Netflix and chill really go together?  The average netflix subscriber actually watches over an hour and a half of Netflix a day.  I have a couple friends who think that watching TV helps them sleep.  What do you think? Does TV help sleep? All electronic devices emit blue light that can make you stay… Read more »

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fat man measuring himself

How and Why to Lose Weight for Sleep Apnea

I mean, of course losing weight is good for you.  There’s practically no drawbacks other than maybe not being able to be a mall santa come Christmas time.  Did you know that losing weight could completely alleviate your sleep apnea symptoms?  Due to the increased rates of Obesity, Sleep Apnea is being diagnosed at a… Read more »

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oral therapy

The Benefits of Oral Therapy

If you have heard of sleep apnea or have it, the most common solution you hear of is a CPAP.  They look like Darth Vader masks that you wear in your sleep.  As a bonus you even get the weird breathing sounds he has.  Most people don’t really like CPAPs that much and find them… Read more »

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baby in pilot hat

How to Sleep on an Plane

Sleeping on trips is a great way to make it pass.  Almost every time I take a roadtrip I stay up playing video games the night before so I can sleep for a couple hours instead of sitting there on my phone.  However, airplanes are a little different, they’re super uncomfortable to sleep in. Plus,… Read more »

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glasses of alcohol

The Effects of Alcohol on Sleep Apnea

I think it’s fairly well known that alcohol isn’t that great for your body, but did you know it can affect your sleep apnea as well?  That’s right, sleep apnea happens when extra tissue in the throat collapses and prevents air from passing through.  Throughout the night this wakes you up time and time again,… Read more »

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drowsy driver

Drowsy Driving

I’m sure most people have fallen asleep for at least half a second right?  There’s a reason it’s scary.  It’s because you could have EASILY died right there.  Imagine if you fell asleep on a turn, that’d be really hard to correct.  Over 70,000 injuries happen because of drowsy driving each year.  Do you want… Read more »

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man with bad back

Q&A – Living with Sleep Apnea

Since about five years ago when my Dad found out he had Sleep Apnea, he’s been trying to find solutions.  For as long as I can remember he’s had trouble sleeping.  It was always “ahh Dad’s trying to sleep again”.  On the bright side this gave us a lot of bonding time together to play… Read more »

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hotel bed

The 5 C’s of Sleeplessness

Do you have crappy sleep?  Well you’re not alone.  Studies show that people are tired and aren’t getting enough sleep.  I know for me personally there’s reasons such as, I need more time, I don’t need it right now, and I don’t feel tired.  Let’s touch on that last one for a second though.  Even… Read more »

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hotel bed

How to Sleep (soundly) in a Hotel

Some people absolutely HATE sleeping in hotels because it takes them hours to finally nod off.  My family is full of these people.  I couldn’t even count the amount of hours of sleep my Dad has lost because of hotels.  Now I know I’m not the only one dealing with this.  I’ve heard countless stories… Read more »

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