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I got a Cold and I NEED to Sleep

You may have had those MISERABLE nights where you have a stuffy nose and you’re breathing through your mouth for the entire night.  Rest easy knowing there’s a couple things you can do to help get through it and make it a bit less unbearable. Nasal Strips They’re very easy to apply.  Many people like… Read more »

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What Type of Sleeper Are You?

Depending on the type of sleeper you are you may be able to find what can help you sleep better.  I found that being able to identify my personal sleep type has actually led to me being able to get more quality sleep in the long run.  So here’s a few types you could possibly… Read more »

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bed height

Does Bed Height Matter?

Short answer… yes.  Bed height is often overlooked when buying a bed.  I’m not going to claim that it’s a huge deal and will wreck your sleep if you get an ill suited bed height.  However, it could just improve your rest just that much more. What Height is Right? A neat trick is that… Read more »

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Just Got Hitched, Now How do I Sleep?

Sleeping with a partner can be more difficult than it appears.  You have a couple factors to consider.  First, you two may have different sleep habits.  If you’re a night owl, you’re gonna have a hard time being compatible with an early bird.  Back sensitivity could also be another issue.  You may prefer a soft… Read more »

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Sports and Sleep

You can safely assume that it’s healthy to get sleep.  I’m sure you would also assume that playing sports is healthy and necessary for development.  But did you know that they go hand in hand? Sports Greats A great of any sport is bound to get a lot of sleep.  Michael Jordan has been said… Read more »

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horror film

Horror Movies Can’t be that Bad, Can They?

You may not have watched a lot of horror movies growing up so you could sleep.  Well there actually might be a basis for not watching them beyond being able to sleep that night.  Scary movies can actually induce anxiety in people later in life and have shown results of being terrible for your sleep. … Read more »

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teddy bear

Will Teddy Help me Sleep?

Some adults may think it’s childish to sleep with a stuffed animal.  Is it?  A little, but it doesn’t matter.  Teddy Bears and the like can provide a warmth and comfort that can help anybody get a little sleep.  Personally, I have a few stuffed animals and they help me.  Actually I think should probably… Read more »

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I NEED to Stay Awake, How Can I?

Being a gamer, I understand the need to be able to stay up for just another hour.  Now don’t get me wrong, getting enough sleep is absolutely crucial for being a functional adult.  But sometimes you may really need to get away from that extra hour of sleep.  So I’m here to give you a… Read more »

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Are Dogs Okay in the Bed?

You may let your little dog sleep with you at night.  What would seem wrong with that?  He/she is like a big, huggable teddy bear right?  WRONG.  Pet owners are statistically proven to get less sleep than people who are without.  Does that mean you have to throw out your dog?  Of course not!  However,… Read more »

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How to Get a Little Sleep with a Newborn

If you have had or currently have a newborn you probably know what it’s like to not get a lot of sleep.  It’s a harsh reality all parents have to deal with.  It’s really hard but newborns need their sleep. How Much Sleep Newborns Need Newborns may need upwards of twenty hours of sleep per… Read more »

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