man suffering back pain

Don’t Break Your Back! Watch How You Sleep

Do you have a bad back?  So do 65 million other Americans.  There’s some obvious things that come to mind when you think of back pain… stepping on cracks, not lifting with your legs, and slouching in your chair.  Did you know that a lot of back damage can occur in your sleep?  Many times… Read more »

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bed sitting on an island

Water Beds

I’m sure you’ve heard of them right?  They’re sort of gimmicky and cool but can they actually be good for you?  I’ve heard from friends and family that they’re TERRIBLE for your back.  When I went out and research I found multiple sources that said water beds are actually good for your back, depending on… Read more »

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dog under a blanket

Put Thought Into Your Blanket

There are all types of blankets out there.  Wool, cashmere, cotton, silk, even sleeved blankets (snuggies) to help you sleep.  It’s important to choose the right blanket so you don’t over or under heat in the middle of night, therefore disrupting your sleep cycle. Temperature The best temperature for your body to be at while… Read more »

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woman with a cold

How to get some Z’s with a Cold

If you haven’t had a cold then you probably aren’t human, but the question is how do we sleep with them.  Sometimes the mucus and grime just makes the bliss of sleep unreachable.  Most people just tough it out and eventually nod off after maybe an hour or two.  Is that worth it though? Some… Read more »

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Lucid Dreaming

Have you ever heard of Lucid Dreaming?

Well?  If you haven’t then here’s a quick explanation, complete and total control of your dreams.  I’m sure you’re all thinking of some weird dream in your head, or maybe even a good dream that took a bad turn.  If you were able to lucid dream you could make a good dream better or a… Read more »

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girl getting sleep

What an Extra Hour of Two of Sleep can do

Keeps you aware Sure websites like lumosity aren’t necessarily going to help your focus, but sleeping can.  Sleep has been proven to make you more sharp in school.  That’s why it’s especially important to get  some snoozes before a test.  It’s best to get good sleep every night, not just before important tests and such…. Read more »

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guy watching tv with blue light

Can Netflix Help Me Sleep?

Does Netflix and chill really go together?  The average netflix subscriber actually watches over an hour and a half of Netflix a day.  I have a couple friends who think that watching TV helps them sleep.  What do you think? Does TV help sleep? All electronic devices emit blue light that can make you stay… Read more »

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fat man measuring himself

How and Why to Lose Weight for Sleep Apnea

I mean, of course losing weight is good for you.  There’s practically no drawbacks other than maybe not being able to be a mall santa come Christmas time.  Did you know that losing weight could completely alleviate your sleep apnea symptoms?  Due to the increased rates of Obesity, Sleep Apnea is being diagnosed at a… Read more »

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oral therapy

The Benefits of Oral Therapy

If you have heard of sleep apnea or have it, the most common solution you hear of is a CPAP.  They look like Darth Vader masks that you wear in your sleep.  As a bonus you even get the weird breathing sounds he has.  Most people don’t really like CPAPs that much and find them… Read more »

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baby in pilot hat

How to Sleep on an Plane

Sleeping on trips is a great way to make it pass.  Almost every time I take a roadtrip I stay up playing video games the night before so I can sleep for a couple hours instead of sitting there on my phone.  However, planes are a little different, they’re super uncomfortable to sleep in.  Plus,… Read more »

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