Here’s a Sleep Checklist

sleep checklist

Sometimes after a long day you may just be looking for a nice night’s rest to put it all behind you.  Personally I feel like a nighttime ritual/sleep checklist is what helps me most, some people just like to dive into bed and fall asleep in two seconds.  What I’ve created and decided to share was my personal sleep checklist I follow every night to make sure I fall asleep quickly and soundly.

Drink a Glass of Water

Doctor’s say you’re supposed to get above sixty-five ounces of water a day.  I know I probably don’t even get close to that unless somehow soda counts as water.  So this is my way of trying to get a couple more of those ounces I’m missing out on.

Take a Shower

Let’s just be honest here.  I hope you do this, everyone should shower.  How often is up to debate but I try to do it before sleep for that nice clean feeling I get.  No better feeling to go to sleep on.

Max out Pushups

I’m not gonna say I’m some health freak or even an athlete.  I do this because…

  1. At least I’ll get some exercise.
  2. Feeling sore feels great.
  3. Exercise has real effects on Sleep Apnea.

Brush my teeth

Unless you’d like to have some dentures when you’re older, you should probably take care of your teeth.  Twice a day, circles, you’ve heard the drill.  You should already know this, but the easiest way to build a habit is to do it routinely.  That’s why I’ve chosen to do it at night before bed, every night.


Now I’m starting to sound really weird right?  Meditation has been proven to have a load of health benefits that might make you consider doing it.  First off, I’d like to remind you that meditating doesn’t mean hiking up to a mountain and saying “Ohmmm” over and over.  To me, I just sit and think about my life for maybe 30 sec to a minute.  It helps me plan and calm down over everything that had happened earlier today.
I’m sure each of you already have your own ritual you do at night even if it’s not intentional.  I hope you can add one or two things from my list to your own.  Remember that it’s the small things that make a difference.

Here's a Sleep Checklist
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Here's a Sleep Checklist
Creating and keeping a sleep checklist is an effective way to get one's tasks done before bed.
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